Smoking Cessation

Make one of the biggest and best decisions of your life by choosing to quit smoking for good. You will be amazed that with hypnosis it can be done in one session with commitment to your success enforced on a different level.

Weight Loss


With hypnosis for weight loss you can aid yourself in adopting healthier eating habits, maintaining an exercise routine, and having an active lifestyle. Hypnosis for weight loss is never done in just one session, but seeing improvement makes you eager to come for more.


Concentration, Learning and Memory


Whether it is for the big exam coming up, or simply in the pursuit of knowledge, hypnosis can serve as an excellent memory enhancement and learning aid. 


Confidence & Motivation


Get some control over your inhibitions, anxiety, and gain the motivation and drive you need to succeed in whatever goal you set before yourself.

Stress Reduction


With hypnosis you can learn not to let the little things get to you, and not let the big things cripple you. Become able to keep a calm relaxed composure and escape the feelings of stress. 

Ease Discomfort


Ease your burdens and soothe your aches with the calming nature of hypnosis. With hypnosis there's no need to suffer.


Release Fears


Learn to come to terms with, and face that which discomforts you. With hypnosis you will be able to face the unknown and conquer it head held high.

Sleep Enhancement


Everybody would love to have a better quality of rest, and hypnosis can help. You will be able to feel more rested and sleep more soundly in no time.

Overcome Any Negative Habit


We all have some issue with ourselves that we would be better off without. Hypnosis is a great tool to use to rid us of these nasty habits once and for all.


Athletic/Sports Performance


Find the motivation needed to go above and beyond. Run that extra mile, or just overcome the stress before that big game. This is for those athletes among us, or those seeking to become such.

Children's Issues


Help your child overcome their fears, inhibitions, anger, or other issues. Confidence and happiness will both be uplifted by this form of treatment. Children are easily hypnotized because they have no preconceived fears about hypnosis and love to use their imaginations.

Our Promise To You


At Horizon Hypnosis our focus is to help individuals heal, energize, and become aware of their own inner strengths. This can be achieved by providing a neutral, safe space, listening to your concerns and customizing a unique treatment plan for you to follow.

We promise to be there for you for every step of your journey.


experiencing a past life

Past Life Experience or regression as it's called, is one of the most amazing and spiritual experiences a person can have. During a session you will re-visit 3 lives you have lived, lives you had before you came to be who you are today. This modality of hypnosis can help you understand why things in your life are a certain way, and can give you a new perspective, a new way of looking at your world and the people in it.  During your "trip" to your past you will also get some insight and clarity from your guides and spiritual advisers.  Whether you are coming just for the experience or have a reason you want to go back, this session will be truly amazing.